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Do you have Skylights?  Angles?  Arches?  Well, we have them too!


Rev Up That Motor  
These days motorizing a window shade is easier and more affordable than you may think.  With recent advances in battery and motor technology, virtually any type of shade can be motorized.  From the up-down function of PowerRise to the tilting function of PowerTilt, there are many options.  Our Luminette privacy sheer can also be ordered with the exclusive PowerGlide system.  Motorizing a blind is no longer exclusive to those hard to reach windows, but are 
increasingly found in other applications such as a Master Bath Suite.  Now, with motorization, the days of climbing over the tub are long gone!

In this changing world of home design, windows have evolved into many unique shapes such as arches, angles and even circles.  The good new is; custom window treatments are also keeping up with the times.  Like never before there are many options available for those "hard-to-cover" windows.  Need something for those skylight windows?  Advantage has it!  How about that arch top?  Yes, Advantage has that too, including a movable arch!   The bottom line is: If you are looking for the solution to your specialty windows, Advantage has it! 

Skylight windows allow light to stream into a room providing a bright, spacious feeling.  However, skylights also have the potential to allow sunlight to overheat your room and fade your furniture and flooring.  When both light control and sun protection are needed why not have both worlds?  Advantage has several solutions for skylights including SkyRise and Simplicity cellular or pleated shades.  These shades are easily operated by moving the shade with an extendable pole, or if you wish motorized options are also available. 

  • Horizontal Blinds
    There are also options using our high-quality horizontal blinds.  With a simple twist of the control, you can let as much light in as you wish.  In addition, some horizontals can be raised and lowered just like a regular window blind.

Window Arches, Angles and Circles
Cellular shades offer excellent light and temperature control for arch windows.  Available in both stationary and movable arches these products offer an excellent solution to an increasingly common window. Advantage has many other options for circle and angled windows, too.

  • "Shutter Arches"
    Another great option for specialty windows is our "shutter arch" products.  The Hunter Douglas Bridgeway arch offers a beautiful look that complements any shutter, wood or faux wood blind. Bridgeway utilizes an adjustable louver system so you can open and close the louvers for light control and privacy.

Many times a beautiful archetectural element presents challenges with using window treatments.  For example, custom tilework or molding can encroach into a normal window opening restricting the operation of a shade.  What do you do?  Simple!  Cutouts allow for customizing a blind to accomodate the "twists and turns" of certain windows.  A blind with a cutout can use the normal dimensions of a window then "cutout" to a narrower width where the tilework begins.  A perfect solution!

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We are specialist in all the latest window treatment products!  We also carry the highest quality blinds, shades and shutters.  Choose from Hunter Douglas, Kathy Ireland by Alta, Suncoast, Norman or B&W.   Whether you need just one simple shade or a motorized solution Advantage can help! 


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